A Centre of Excellence within the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds

Centre News: We are pleased to announce the first Gosden PhD Studentship in Plant Science for entry in October 2018, supported by The Sheila Gosden legacy. Visit the Gosden Studentship page for more information.

The Centre

The Centre for Plant Sciences in the Faculty of Biological Sciences is a centre for excellence in plant cell and molecular biology. Over 10 research groups are studying aspects of developmental and hormonal plant biology, comparative genomics, environmental physiology, epigenetics, chromatin structure, cell walls & the plant cell secretory pathway, stress responses and crop science including nematode-resistant crops. The Centre has involvement in many European consortia and an extensive range of international collaborations including with the USA, India, Japan and China.

Research fellowship opportunities in CPS. University Academic Fellowships in molecular and translational plant sciences. See the UoL 250 Great Minds website

Centre Seminars

Professor Martin Broadley University of NottinghamSBio Seminar 2nd MayHost: Stefan KepinskiRoger Stevens LT 13 (10.13) at 13:00

Professor Lawren Sack UCLAPlant drought tolerance: new frontiers from cells to ecosystems9th MayHost: Katie FieldRoger Stevens LT 13 (10.13) at 13:00

Faculty Seminars

Dr Bethan PhillipsUniversity of NottinghamPhysiological adaptations to traditional and novel exercise interventions as a function of age29th AprilHost: Bryan TaylorMedical Lecture Theatre, Worsley Level 7 at 13:00

CPS Annual Symposia
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CPS Annual Report 2016
Available here

Report, in PLANT CELL, on the impact of the Gatsby Plant Science Summer School: Inspiring the Next Generation of Plant Science Researchers

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