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Upcoming Seminars and Events

Centre Seminars

Professor Martin Broadley University of NottinghamSBio Seminar2nd MayHost: Stefan Kepinskimore

Faculty Seminars

Dr Stephen BaileyLoughborough UniversitySBMS Ad-hoc Seminar: Considerations for the Practical Application of Outcomes from Exercise Testing Protocols19th DecemberHost: Carrie FergusonWorsley 9.58b at 14:00more

Dr Paul MeakinUniversity of LeedsCardio Metabolic Seminar: 'BACE1: more than just a problem for the brain'14th JanuaryWorsley 9.59 at 12:00more

Dr Niamh FordeUniversity of LeedsCardiovascular Seminar24th JanuaryHost: Helen Pictontbc at 12:00more

Professor Robert LucasUniversity of ManchesterSBMS Seminar: Strange vision: Inner retinal photoreceptors from discovery to application.31st JanuaryHost: Jamie JohnstonRoger Stevens Lecture Theatre 20 at 15:00more

Dr René FrankUniversity of LeedsCardio Metabolic Seminar: Combining mouse genetics and cryo-EM to obtain in situ 3D molecular structures of the brain4th FebruaryWorsley 9.60 at 12:00more

Dr Ines BarrosoWellcome Sangar InstituteCardio Metabolic Seminar: Genomic and expression signatures of glycaemic traits12th FebruaryHost: Chris GaleWorsley 9.60 at 12:00more

Dr Alison TwelvetreesUniversity of SheffieldThere and back again; cooperation between dynein and kinesin motors along the axonal highway14th FebruaryHost: Izzy JayasingheRoger Stevens Lecture Theatre 20 at 15:00more

Dr Patrick CoughlinAddenbrookesCardiovascular Seminar21st FebruaryHost: Marc Baileytbc at 12:00more

Dr Liz Jones KU LeuvenCardio Metabolic Seminar: Vascular Remodelling in Development and Disease25th FebruaryHost: David BeechWorsley 9.60 at 12:00more