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Upcoming Seminars and Events

Centre Seminars

Dr Sarah Robinson Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge Visualising mechanical feedback on growth regulation21st NovemberHost: Yoselin Benitez AlfonsoRoger Stevens LT 01 (7.01) at 13:00more

Faculty Seminars

Professor Bernadette ByrneImperial College LondonSBMS Seminar21st NovemberHost: Adrian GoldmanRoger Stevens LT 17 at 15:00more

Dr Charlotte Harden and Dr Ric CubbonDTSD Seminar: 'TARGET - a partnership for giant cell arteritis research' and 'Exploring an unexpected anti-atherosclerotic role of IGF-1 receptors'27th Novembertbc at 13:00more

Dr. Kelly Nguyen LMB, University of CambridgeReplenishing the ends: Structural mechanism of human telomerase27th NovemberHost: Qian WuWorsley Medical LT (7.35) at 13:00more

Dr Simon Goodman School of Biology, University of LeedsLeedsOmics Seminar: Fun with metabarcoding!2nd DecemberRoger Stevens LT 16 (12.16) at 15:00more

Dr Sikha SahaDTSD Seminar: Animal models of cerebral ischemia - their relevance to human diseases4th Decembertbc at 13:00more

Professor Colin Johnson University of LeedsInsights into primary ciliary function using gene discovery and functional genomics4th DecemberHost: Takashi OchiWorsley Medical LT (7.35) at 13:00more

Dr Haodong ChenPeking University Directional plant growth under the control of gravity and light5th DecemberHost: Andrew CumingRoger Stevens LT 01 (7.01) at 13:00more

Professor Simone Di GiovanniImperial College LondonSBMS Seminar10th DecemberHost: Ronaldo Ichiyama Roger Stevens LT 25 at 14:00more

Dr Andy Walker and Dr Julia Sandrin GauerDTSD Seminar: 'Can the IGF-1 receptor help us repair damaged blood vessels?' and ' The interaction of platelet receptor GPVI with fibrin and fibrinogen'11th Decembertbc at 13:00more