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Upcoming Seminars and Events

Centre Seminars

Professor Aaron RashotteAuburn University Cytokinin Response Factors and their expanding roles in stress response27th SeptemberHost: Tom BennettRoger Stevens LT 01 (7.01) at 13:00more

Dr Sarah Robinson Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge Biology Seminar21st NovemberHost: Yoselin Benitez AlfonsoRoger Stevens LT 01 (7.01) at 13:00more

Faculty Seminars

Dr Mark DrinkhillDTSD Seminar25th SeptemberWorsley 9.60 at 13:00more

Dr Jian Shi and Dr David WrightDTSD Seminar: 'Direct activation of Piezo1 channels by shear stress in endothelial cells' and 'Structure determination of cardiovascular ion channels by cryoEM'2nd Octobertbc at 13:00more

Professor Alexei Maklakov UEAWhy do organisms age? Beyond energy trade-offs in the evolution of ageing3rd OctoberHost: Amanda Bretman Roger Stevens LT 01 (7.01) at 13:00more

Dr. Juan Fontana University of LeedsUsing electron microscopy to understand the molecular basis of disease: from human infections to ribosomopathies9th OctoberHost: Neil RansonTBA at 13:00more

Dr Michael ClerxUniversity of OxfordSBMS Seminar: Modelling & measuring ion currents: Can we tell noise from variability to make safety-critical predictions?10th OctoberHost: Michael Colman and Al BensonRoger Stevens LT 17 at 15:00more

Professor Tibor RohacsRutgers UniversityAd-hoc SBMS Seminar: Regulation of TRPM Channels by G-proteins and phosphoinositides11th OctoberHost: Nikita GamperRoger Stevens LT 23 at 14:00more

Dr Azhar Maqbool and Dr Claudia BauerDTSD Seminar: 'Role of Tenascin C in Cardiovascular Disease' and Understanding small molecule activation and inhibition of TRPC1/4/5 channels.16th Octobertbc at 13:00more

Dr. Jenny Tomlinson University of LeedsUnderstanding the role of conformational dynamics in antibiotic resistance16th OctoberHost: Anastasia ZhuravlevaTBA at 13:00more