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Upcoming Seminars and Events

Centre Seminars

Professor Martin Broadley University of NottinghamSBio Seminar 2nd MayHost: Stefan KepinskiRoger Stevens LT 13 (10.13) at 13:00more

Professor Lawren Sack UCLAPlant drought tolerance: new frontiers from cells to ecosystems9th MayHost: Katie FieldRoger Stevens LT 13 (10.13) at 13:00more

Faculty Seminars

Dr Bethan PhillipsUniversity of NottinghamPhysiological adaptations to traditional and novel exercise interventions as a function of age29th AprilHost: Bryan TaylorMedical Lecture Theatre, Worsley Level 7 at 13:00more

Dr Iain Macaulay Earlham InstituteLeedsOmics Seminar: Detail vs. scale in single cell genomics: different approaches to get the data you need from a single cell29th AprilRoger Stevens LT 13 (10.13) at 15:00more

Professor Giles PlantStanford UniversitySBMS Seminar: Human pluripotent derived Neuronal lineages: From specification to transplantation in the cervical spinal cord2nd MayHost: Ronaldo IchiyamaRLST 03 at 15:00more

Andy Daly-SmithLeeds BeckettSBMS Seminar9th MayHost: Stuart Egginton Roger Stevens Lecture Theatre 20 at 15:00more

Keynote speakers Prof. Claire Eyers and Dr Michael BarnesLeedsOmics Research Day 201913th MayWoodhouse Suite, University House at 08:00more

Professor Mary SheppardSt George's, University of LondonCardio Metabolic Seminar23rd MayHost: Kathryn Griffintbc at 12:00more

Professor Bijan ModaraiKings College LondonCardio Metabolic Seminar20th JuneHost: Marc Baileytbc at 12:00more

Cardio Metabolic Seminar19th Septembermore