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Upcoming Seminars and Events

Centre Seminars

Dr Veronica GrieneisenJohn Innes CentreDevelopmental Homeostasis in the Root: traffic management of auxin and nutrient flows.23rd NovemberHost: Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso Worsley SR (8.49n) at 13:00more

Professor Duncan CameronUniversity of Sheffieldtbc30th NovemberHost: Katie FieldWorsley SR (9.58c) at 13:00more

Dr Andrea HarperUniversity of York 8th FebruaryHost: Yoselin Benitez-Alfonsomore

Faculty Seminars

Dr Marc ClaretIDIBAPSCRISP Lecture: Qualitatively-different mitochondrial fusion in POMC neurons divergently regulates energy metabolism24th NovemberHost: Beatrice Maria Filippi Medical Lecture Theatre (Worsley, Level 7) at 15:00more

Dr Ned GarnettNERC Presentation on current future strategy27th NovemberRoom Y, Worsley Building (8.43Y) at 11:00more

Peter Mulhair and Ali TaylorO'Connell Group, Faculty of Biological SciencesLeeds Omics Seminar: Introduction to phylogenetics: applications and workflow27th NovemberWorsley SR (8.43x) at 15:00more

Dr Egbert HoiczykUniversity of SheffieldExploring the structure and function of novel bacterial cytoskeletal proteins29th NovemberHost: Juan FontanaConference Auditorium 2 (GM.01) at 13:00more

Dr Michalis BarkoulasImperial College LondonC. elegans as a model to study natural infections by oomycetes29th NovemberAstbury 11.106B at 15:00more

Professor Dario FarinaImperial College London Man-machine interfacing for the control of upper limb prostheses30th NovemberHost: Samit ChakrabartyWorsley Medical LT at 11:00more

Professor Mathias GautelKing's College LondonSarcomeric signalling proteins: hubs for mechanosensation and hotspots for inherited myopathies30th NovemberHost: Michelle PeckhamWorsley 9.87 at 13:00more