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Upcoming Seminars and Events

Centre Seminars

Professor Steven Penfield John Innes CentreBiology Seminar "Causes of yield instability in winter oilseed rape"6th FebruaryHost: Tom BennettWorsley SR (9.58b) at 13:00more

Dr Bala Chaudhary DePaul UniversityBiology Seminar5th MarchHost: Katie FieldWorsley SR (8.49n) at 13:00more

Professor Beverley Glover University of CambridgeBiology Seminar26th MarchHost: Tom BennettRoger Stevens LT 01 (7.01) at 13:00more

Faculty Seminars

Dr Susan Johnston University of EdinburghBiology Seminar- "Micro-evolution of recombination rate variation in wild populations"30th JanuaryHost: Hannah DugdaleRoger Stevens LT 01 (7.01) at 13:00more

Dr Jennifer ReganUniversity of EdinburghSBMS Seminar: Drugs and bugs: sex differences in innate immunity and ageing30th JanuaryHost: Sue DeucharsRoger Stevens LT 17 at 15:00more

Professor Ji-Liang Li University of PlymouthSMCB Seminar "Notch signalling in tumour biology and tumour response to therapeutic intervention"5th FebruaryHost: Vas PonnanbalamWorsley Medical Lecture Theatre (7.35) at 13:00more

Professor David Westhead University of LeedsSMCB Seminar "The challenges of precision medicine in aggressive lymphoma"12th FebruaryHost: TBAWorsley Medical Lecture Theatre (7.35) at 13:00more

Dr Richard FergusonLoughborough UniversitySBMS Seminar: 'Blood flow restricted exercise: augmenting the mechanisms of adaption to improve training efficiency and performance?'13th FebruaryHost: Stuart EggintonRoger Stevens LT 17 at 15:00more

Professor Marc FreichelHeidelberg UniversityCardio Metabolic Seminar20th FebruaryHost: Robin BonWorsley 9.60 at 12:00more

Dr Mike FowlerUniversity of SwanseaBiology Seminar "Cycling through colourful environments: how do underlying population dynamics and species interactions alter ecological responses to stochastic fluctuations?"20th FebruaryHost: Steven SaitWorsley SR (9.57) at 13:00more