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Faculty Seminars

Dr Marlous HallUniversity of LeedsBig data to redefine cardiovascular disease: multi-morbidity profiles for acute myocardial infarction21st FebruaryHost: Chris GaleWorsley 9.87 at 13:00more

Dr Andrew Truman John Innes CentreDiscovery and biosynthesis of bacterial peptides with antibacterial and anticancer activities21st FebruaryHost: Ryan SeipkeConference Auditorium 2 (GM.01) at 13:00more

Professor Adam NelsonHow best to discover bioactive small molecules?22nd FebruaryWorsley 9.59 at 12:00more

Mike MendlUniversity of BristolStudying animal emotion: why, how and a cognitive approach22nd FebruaryHost: Lisa CollinsRoger Stevens LT13 (10.13) at 13:00more

Professor Tom RoddenEPSRCPresentation by Prof Tom Rodden (EPSRC Deputy Chief Executive)28th FebruaryRhodes Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor, School of El at 10:15more

Dr Dong XiaRoyal Veterinary College, LondonGenotype to phenotype - A systems biology approach to characterising host-pathogen interactions1st MarchHost: Glenn McConkeyRoger Stevens LT13 (10.13) at 13:00more

Professor A GanesanUniversity of East AngliaNatural and unnatural inhibitors of histone-modifying enzymes7th MarchHost: Ron ChenConference Auditorium 2 (GM.01) at 13:00more

Dr Alexander GalkinWeill Cornell MedicineCardiovascular Seminar8th MarchHost: Klaus WitteWorsley 9.59 at 12:00more

Dr António SalgadoUniversity of Minho, PortugalECM-like hydrogels, stem cells and their secretome: a tool kit for SCI repair?12th MarchHost: Ronaldo IchiyamaRoger Stevens Lecture Theatre 13 at 12:00more

Dr Lee RomerBrunel UniversityRespiratory influences on O2 transport, fatigue and exercise performance5th AprilHost: Bryan TaylorRoger Stevens Lecture Theatre 17 at 12:00more