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Hemp fibres :

Immunofluorescence detection of cell wall epitopes in transverse sections of stem of industrial hemp Cannabis sativa L. with a focus on developing sclerenchyma phloem fibres in the cortical tissues.
Further details:
Blake et al. 2008

For micrographs of cell wall polymers in
mature hemp fibres see Hemp fibres II



FITC detection of the JIM7 homogalacturonan epitope indicating its abundance in most cortical cells of the developing hemp stem but but not in the cell walls of the developing sclerenchyma fibres that form in a band between the collenchyma bundles and inner cortical parenchyma cells adjacent to the region of phloem. 


Equivalent section to that above showing presence of the LM11 xylan epitope in developing fibres and xylem secondary cell walls


The LM5 pectic 1,4-galactan epitope is absent from developing fibres in young stems but abundant in adjacent cortical parenchyma cells.


The JIM14 arabinogalactan-protein epitope revealed by FITC fluorescence in developing primary fibres in cortical tissues of a young hemp stem 


Same FITC detection of JIM14 arabinogalactan-protein epitope shown above displayed in context of surrounding cells revealed by Calcofluor White fluorescence (blue).




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