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Hemp fibres II:

Immunofluorescence detection of cell wall epitopes in transverse sections of stem of hemp Cannabis sativa L. with a focus on mature sclerenchyma phloem fibres in the cortical tissues. Further details: Blake et al. 2008

For micrographs of cell wall polymers in
developing primary fibres see Hemp fibres I



The LM11 xylan epitope (FITC detection) is restricted to the primary cell walls surrounding mature primary sclerenchyma fibres. The thick secondary cell walls are shown by blue Calcofluor White fluorescence


Equivalent section to above showing that the detection of the LM5 1,4-galactan epitope is specifically associated with primary cell walls of parenchyma cells adjacent to mature fibres


The LM16 pectic epitope in a mature primary fibre occurs in discrete layers in the inner regions of secondary cell walls of mature primary cortical sclerenchyma fibres






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