CPS research is directed by a series of research group leaders

Prof. Alison Baker: Peroxisomes biogenesis and function; Protein targeting; Gene expression

Dr Tom Bennett: Systemic Regulation of Plant Development; strigolactone signalling and root development; control of seed set

Dr Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso: Intercellular transport and plant development

Dr Andrew Cuming: Comparative plant genomics; Gene targeting; Physcomitrella

Prof. Brendan Davies: Plant development; MADS box genes

Prof. Jurgen Denecke: Plant cell secretory pathway

Dr Laura Dixon : How plants respond to changing temperatures


Prof. Katie Field: Plant-fungal symbioses; plant-soil processes; sustainable agriculture; evolutionary ecophysiology

Prof. Christine Foyer: Redox Homeostasis, Signalling & Responses to Stress

Dr Stefan Kepinski: Auxin and plant development

Prof. Paul Knox: Plant cell walls

Prof. Peter Meyer: Plant epigenetics; Chromatin structure

Prof. Peter Urwin: Nematode-resistant crops

Dr Chris West: DNA repair