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Monoclonal antibodies to plant cell wall polymers generated or maintained in our laboratory are detailed below.

AVAILABILITY: All our monoclonal antibodies listed here are available for use. To maintain the availability of monoclonal antibodies from our laboratory and support their efficient supply a charging system to cover cell line maintenance and distribution costs is in operation from PlantProbes click here

NOMENCLATURE: LM- Leeds Monoclonal, JIM- John Innes Monoclonal, MAC- Monoclonal Antibody Centre (Babraham).

All antibodies listed here are rat monoclonal antibodies.
Reagents we recommend for their detection include:

Anti-rat IgG (whole molecule)-peroxidase produced in rabbit (Sigma A9542
Anti-rat IgG (whole molecule)-FITC produced in rabbit (Sigma F1763)


Anti-rat IgG (whole molecule)-Gold produced in goat (Sigma G7035)


Items to download:

List of monoclonal antibodies pdf (2020)

Cartoons of pectic polymers and antibodies pdf (2019)


For up-to-date lists of all our anitbodies see links/downloads above


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