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Micrograph of a transverse section through the stem of the bioenergy grass Miscanthus x giganteus showing immunofluorescence labelling with the LM20 pectic homogalacturonan monoclonal antibody.        
Image by Jie Xue/2013. See Xue et al. 2013


Micrograph of intact 50-day old Gossypium hirsutum cotton fibres immunolabelled with a hemicellulose-directed monoclonal antibody (green). Cellulose is stained with Calcofluor (blue). This image, taken by Tom Benians, was highly commended in the The Art of Science - BBSRC's inaugural Science Photo Competition



TS of petiole of fern Asplenium aethiopicum showing vascular bundle and surrounding cortical parenchyma. Cycling images of Calcofluor staining, LM6 arabinan epitope occurrence and combined image along with red wavelength autofluorescence.



TS of stem of chia, Salvia hispanica, showing region of cortical parenchyma, phloem fibres, xylem and pith parenchyma. Cycling images of Calcofluor staining, red wavelength autofluorescence, LM10-FITC labelling of xylan in secondary cell walls and in scattered parenchyma cell walls.




Rotating image of TS of Lycopodium stem with Calcofluor staining (blue) and LM11-FITC labelling of xylan in secondary cell walls and in scattered cortical parenchyma cell walls.
Initial image by Olivier Leroux (Ghent University).




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