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1) An intact seed of Arabidopsis labelled with an anti-xyloglucan monoclonal antibody (FITC). jpk 2006

2) Same seed / image as 1) above with anti-xyloglucan-FITC and Cacofluor fluorescence (blue) showing mucilage. jpk 2006


3) TS tobacco stem labelled with CBM2b1-2 that binds to xylan and to secondary cell walls of xylem elements and phloem fibres. awb 2006 ref

4) Equivalent section of TS tobacco stem to 3) above labelled with CBM35 that binds to highly substituted xylans and various parenchyma domains but not xylem secondary cell walls in this species. awb 2006 ref


5) TS celery petiole showing epidermis and collenchyma bundle. Combined image of CBM9-2 and DIC. This CBM binds to ends of cellulose/xylan chains and inner epidermal cell walls and inner regions of some thickened collenchyma cell walls. awb 2006 ref